Social Innovation Driven Entreprenuership (SIDE) Project

Creating digital solutions to solve local challenges


Supporting commercially viable and innovative digital solutions aimed at addressing poverty challenges among underserved populations in Nigeria by filling identified market and sector gaps.

Meeting the primary purpose of the DAP (presumably a larger program or initiative), attracting startup investments, and measuring the tangible impact on improved access to essential services resulting from solutions identified through the program.

Implementing a 4-month startup development program as part of the SIDE project, focusing on scaling identified solutions using a lean innovation approach based on relevant data sets and a sustainable business model.

Challenge Statement

The fundamentals guiding the call for innovations are based on several overarching questions around innovation expressions, gathering and developing. The thinking involves the following; How can visionary innovators and dynamic startups collaborate with government agencies, private sector leaders, and impact-thinking investors to cultivate an ecosystem that fosters and amplifies social-driven entrepreneurship in Adamawa, Edo, Enugu, Kaduna, Kwara, and Osun States that are digitally inclined? Are there identified local challenges from state-focused mapping? and are start-ups and innovators creating solutions fit to address those local issues at scale in key sectors of the economy?

Eligibility Criteria

Start-ups/Innovators in Ideation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Early stage of development.

Start-ups/Innovators addressing challenges within the following sectors : Education, Employment, Food, Health, Climate change and environment.

Start-ups & Innovators operating within the geographic boundaries of Adamawa, Edo, Enugu, Kaduna, Kwara and Osun states.


Join a passionate community dedicated to driving social change and making a real impact.

Participate in a dynamic venture development program designed to promote your tech innovations

Enjoy access to potential investors through an opportunity to pitch on the Demo Day

Enjoy access to a ready market, providing your tech solution with a launchpad for immediate impact and growth.

Benefit from continuous support and mentorship as you navigate the post-venture development phase.

Solution Criteria

  • Practicality of proposed solutions

  • Development and potential growth impact on the entrepreneurship landscape of the state

  • Scalability and digitization of proposed initiatives

  • Ingenuity and creativity in the proposed strategies

  • Ability to address the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the State

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